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“I just wanted to send you a email to talk to you about Harold and your treatment on him. I’m going to be honest I was a little skeptical, but it worked. Harold is a cat that was given to a vet during Covid-19 pandemic.


He stayed at the vet’s office for about a month before someone got in touch with me asking if I was still looking for a cat. He was traumatized from surgery and being abandoned by his ownerwhen Covid hit. He was wired and out of control. Attacking and biting me… I really wasn’t sure I would be able to keep him. A few days after your treatment, he started to change, following me through the house and laying down wherever I was. Now he greets me at the door, and I have tobend down so he can give me some TLC. Thank you for taking the time to help Harold. We are both much better lol.”

Lorraine Cormier

“My personal story goes back a few years when I was diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome which can affect the neurons that control muscle movement (motor neurons); the neurons that transmit sensory signals such as pain, temperature, and touch (sensory neurons); or both.

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In my situation I had a lot of healing to do and there really wasn’t anything my neurologist could recommend. His words were “your body will let you know what you can do”. I am quite tenacious and started my own regime. Kathy was working on her certification and I started to see her for Reiki, which I had never had before. It was all new and exciting. I will never forget the first few sessions. Quickly, I drifted in and out of a dreamlike state, losing track of time, feeling relaxed. She only had a few trigger points she would touch like my head, wrists, knees and feet. She continued doing reiki to my different chakras from head to toe. When the session was complete, I shared how I was feeling. I actually fell asleep, but my eyes were seeing a soft whitelight. My whole body felt like it wouldn’t move. My energy felt stronger at the end of the session. I feel Kathy is very grounded and heals not only with her hands but with her presence.  Obviously, everyone’s experience will be unique. For myself, my experiences have helped me cope with some very challenging issues. I believe Kathy has a true gift for helping others, and Istrongly recommend seeking her out for help in dealing with physical and emotional ailments. At the very least, you will feel better than you did before. Go see Kathy and learn how Reiki can change your life for the better.”

Gwen Breneol

“We got in touch with Kathy as our son, Emmett (3), was having extreme difficulties going to bed at night for nearly 3 weeks. Every evening when bedtime was nearing, he would get very upset and tell us he was scared of his room. 

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It eventually got to a point where he was sleeping just outside his bedroom door as he was too scared to even be in his room. We tried many things to comfort and help him through this but nothing seemed to work. We mentioned to Kathy what was going on and she suggested she do a session at a distance with him to see if she could help. After their session she let us know she found a few different trapped emotions and cleared them from our son. That night at bedtime was a world of difference, we went from our son crying and being scared to happily climbing into his bed and sleeping through the night. The next morning when he woke up he let us know he loved his room and had a great sleep. We couldn’t be more thankful for what Kathy did for our son! Bedtime is now a breeze again.”

Kelsey Davidson

“Kathy offered me easy & attainable goals to support my physical and mental wellbeing.  I feel great!”

Alicia Shaban

“When my daughter was about 3 years old, she really struggled with going for her flu shot. It was beyond a fear, I would categorize it more like a phobia. The previous shots she had received, it was really like she was experiencing an out of body experience.

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For a toddler that was usually super mellow (had never once had one toddler tantrum – I can`t say the same of my other 2 kids), as soon as we would walk into the doctor’s office and she would see a needle, she would scream like I had never heard before. I had tried to talk calmly with my daughter to prepare her for it, that didn’t work. I also tried not to talk about it until the day of, I was also unsuccessful with that strategy. Kathy had provided some emotion code work on me for different reasons before and I had seen some positive results. So, when she said she could do it from a distance to my daughter with my consent, like any parent desperate to make things better for their child, I didn’t hesitate. That night, Kathy called me and told me the emotions that she had removed from her. The next day, I figured I would try and talk to my daughter about her upcoming appointment for her flu shot the following day. Bear in mind that EVERY discussion I had tried to have with her before, ended in tears. This time, she didn’t cry and just listened. About an hour later, my sister came over for a visit. A few minutes after my daughter sat to play with my sister, she told my sister: “tomorrow I’m going to the doctor`s office for my flu shot. I used to be scared of that but not anymore”. I almost fainted when I heard those words come out of her mouth!! The next day, we went to the doctor and it was a great appointment with no tears and a big treat to celebrate her bravery!”

Christine Roy-Carreau

“Absolutely amazing experience!
Kathy is a warm and welcoming individual who made me feel relaxed and comfortable in our session.

I was confident that she could guide me in my personal journey with clarity and positivity!” 

Angele Alain